Internet Marketing Round-Up – August 15, 2011

This week’s Internet Marketing Round-Up has huge focus on measuring SEO success. We cover how to find meaningful SEO metrics, how to track leads in Google Analytics, and what metrics you shouldn’t be obsessing over. Hopefully you’ll find these techniques beneficial.

Search Engine Optimization

How to Build Links and Goog Karma – Link building as gotten more and more difficult over the past few years. It’s important that you avoid scammy link building and focus your attention on good links by doing good.

Meaningful SEO Metrics – Measuring SEO successes often are overlooked when running a campaign. At SES San Francisco a panel of highly looked up to SEO’s discuss how to make a business case for SEO metrics.

SEO Copywriting Tips: Optimizing For Multiple Keywords On One Page – Sometimes targeting just one keyword isn’t enough for us. We want a challenge and we want the traffic. So this blog posts explores how you can target multiple keywords with your copy.

The Ultimate List of SEO Blogs – All I want to know is why we weren’t listed?

Local Search Marketing

3 Local Marketing Mistakes Franchises Make (And How to Fix Them) – Franchises often times leaves their franchisees hanging when it comes to marketing online. This is no longer acceptable. You need separate pages and you need marketing using local directories.

Google AdWords Express Is NOT Sabotaging Organic Listings [Updated] -  So originally the conclusion was that it was but after talking to a Google spokesman Search Engine Watch found out that Google’s AdWords Express is not sabotaging organic listings.

Social Media

10 Awesome Google+ Presentations to View Today – Hubspot aggregates 10 of the best Google+ Presentations you can find!

StumbleUpon Starts Exploring, Looking More Like Search – StumbleUpon is an unique sharing site in that allows you to surf the web by setting pre-determined interest guidelines but now it’s starting to look a lot like search with it’s new StumbleUpon Explore Box.

General Internet Marketing

How to Track On Page Leads in Google Analytics – Rather your trying to track a download or a contact form this blog post will help you setup Google Analytics so you can track your leads.

5 Internet Marketing Metrics Not to Obsess Over – A lot of internet marketing metrics are known as vanity metrics and shouldn’t be stressed out over.

To Comment or Not To Comment – Should you comment for commenting’s sake? Or should you add something to the conversation?

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