Hiring a SEO Consultant vs. an Agency

Having previously worked for an Agency and currently as a SEO Consultant I’ve had time to reflect on the differences of working with a Consultant and an Agency. There are some major differences working with both and I’ll do my best to dispel the differences based on my experience.

Pros of Working with a SEO Consultant

  • Previous agency and/or in house experience
  • Responsiveness – the consultant will be the one to answer the phone, not the secretary
  • Responsibility – it’s up to the consultant to take responsibility for their results
  • Agility – the ability to make changes on the fly
  • Relationship – less clients means closer relationships
  • Lower Cost – no high agency fees

Cons of Working with a SEO Consultant

  • Isolation – it’s up the consultant to make sure he’s up to date with the latest in SEO
  • One Man Shop – limited in what he or she can do well and how many clients they can take on
  • Outsourcing – likely to  outsource some work and will be responsible for managing his contractors

Pros of Working with a SEO Agency

  • Diverse Experiences – most agencies have employees who specialize in different aspects of SEO
  • Systematically Driven – allows for a smooth process
  • Multiple Support Levels – need billing or your account manager?
  • Multiple Services – most agencies offer multiple ways of promoting your site

Cons of Working with a SEO Agency

  • High Cost – each employee is responsible for meeting a certain quota
  • Less Flexibility – rigid processes allow agencies to run lean but sacrifice individual client’s needs
  • Junior Associates – senior staff sold you but the junior associates are doing all of the work
  • Short Sightedness – a focus on reporting means less on results
  • Small Clients go to the wayside

While both have their pros an cons I think its important to factor in what SEO services you need, what your time frame is, and and your budget.

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