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Hi there, my name's Joel Casarez. I'm a full time SEO consultant currently living in Austin, TX. After graduating from Texas State University I went to work for a Startup called Be Greeted. This is where I first had my experience with internet marketing. I was responsible for their Twitter presence and over saw the redesign of their new site including SEO, Copywriting, and Layout. After nearly a year the company folded after it was unable to land additional funding. Soon after I went to work for an internet marketing agency called Volacci. At Volacci I lead SEO efforts for 12 companies with billings of over $400,000 a year. I also ran a few paid search campaigns with spend over $20,000 a month. Since, working at the agency I've learned a lot about SEO and how to get to the top of the rankings. If you need help with SEO I'm a full time consultant and available for hire. Feel free to contact me here or check out my SEO Services page.

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