7 Reasons Everyone Should Go to Austin Startup Week

In just a few days everyone will be making their way downtown to view Austin’s hottest, up and coming Startups. Hundreds of people are planning on attending and will be networking, drinking and even shooting off guns. Hopefully, not all at the same time. But why should I go? Great question inside voice! Here are my 7 Reasons Everyone Should Go to Austin Startup Week.

1) Support the Startup Community

There are going to be dozens of Startup’s at Austin Startup Week and they need your support. They’re going to be demoing their products, talking to investors and looking to hiring. So do you part, get involved, shake some hands, and build those relationships.

My recommendations: Why Austin Rules and ATX Startup Crawl

2) Find a Co-Founder

You never know you might just run into someone who has a completely different set of skills than you but shares the same passion.

3) Find a Job

Like I mentioned before there are going to be dozens of Startups and some of are looking to hire. No better way to get your foot in the door than to meet them face to face.

3) Learn From Other’s Failures (and Successes!)

At WeStart, Austin Startup Week’s kick- off event, there are going to be 10 speakers sharing their ups and downs as they navigated the Startup waters. Besides WeStart there are going to be tons of opportunities to hold side conversations with Austin’s Startup veterans.

5) Fun in the Sun

During Austin Startup Week there are going to be a couple of chances to catch some sun. While Geeks in Kayaks is pretty self explanatory Big Guns of Internet Marketing might need some explaining. See when marketers like myself aren’t out chatting someone up at the Molotov Lounge Tech Happy Hours we’re out there on the range shooting our guns off. In this case shotguns and we’ll be pointing them at big orange clays.

6) Hack Something Amazing

While I can’t hack myself out of paper bag there are going to be dozens participating in API Hackday. API Hackday closes Austin Startup Week by giving developers and hackers the chance to create the next big Startup.

7) Demos, Demos, Demos

I can’t stress enough how many people will be demoing their products. For most people it will be the first time to see what this year’s Capital Factory class created. For others it will be a chance to demo their products in front of investors, customers, and prospective employees.

Other recommendation: Austin Startup Bazaar

Those are my 7 reasons I think everyone should go to Austin Startup Week. What are your reasons for going?

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